Wednesday, July 11, 2012


NEWS: Proven Ms Fix Application Modified for Ms windows seven Optimization
The most latest upgrade of FixCleaner program repair software improves efficiency of Ms windows XP Windows vista and Ms windows seven with error diagnosis and seo strategies.

Ocean Comes, Ms (January 27th, 2010) - - SlimWare Programs declares the release of the most latest edition of FixCleaner which is now updated for Ms windows seven. Through a strategic relationship with Ms, the latest edition of FixCleaner offers people a single program to identify and repair issues with Ms windows seven systems.

    “With the new edition of FixCleaner, machines running Ms windows seven can identify and repair the most common issues in less than two minutes. This increases efficiency of the pc and handles a multitude of program issues and slowdowns,” says Chelsea Harper, VP of Promotion of SlimWare Programs. Harper continues, “Working with Ms, we designed FixCleaner to enhance and enhance efficiency on Ms windows XP Windows vista and now, with this upgrade, Ms windows seven.”

FixCleaner for Ms windows seven combines components to clean a PC and enhance program efficiency. The most latest edition of the application many components such as management of start-up programs, occasional cleaning of stored data, fixing Ms windows errors and continuous updates from Ms, Java and other web components.

“We offer two editions of Fix Cleaner,” says Harper, “Our Lite edition is a download no cost and has only a few key components while the full edition of the application features a thirty day trial letting customers try the application risk-free.”

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